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Monday, October 16, 2017

Some examples of Cyber Security Firms and what they do

This article is a part of my series 'Security is our duty and we shall deliver it'

Following are some examples of Cyber Security Firms and what they do:

IBM Security: Services include- security intelligence and analytics; identity and access management; application security; advanced fraud protection; data security and privacy; and infrastructure protection.

Symantec Software: World's largest security product vendor, largest antivirus (Norton) and a variety of backup and asset management systems manufacturer

Cisco - Products range from advanced malware protection; next generation firewalls; security management; cloud security; next generation prevention systems; VPN security clients; email security; policy and access; web security; network visibility and enforcement; and router security, to name a few.

BAE Systems - It operates through five segments: the electronic systems; the cyber and intelligence systems; intelligence and security systems; applied intelligence; and the platforms and services.

McAfee - One of the biggest antivirus and anti-malware provider in the world.

Palo Alto Networks - It works on Next-Generation Firewall, Advanced Endpoint Protection and Threat Intelligence Cloud. The company’s Next Generation Security Platform was built for breach prevention with threat information shared across a range of security functions that can operate over mobile networks.

Apart from these, there are hundreds of companies around the globe that manufacture security products or provide their services. We have relations with some of the companies fast emerging in these arena and some having good clientele and reputation in terms of Software security implementations. We are close to building one own Software Security product.

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