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Monday, October 16, 2017

Security is our duty and we shall deliver it! - A White Paper For Software Security Organizations

Recently, I wrote a White paper. It is titled as - 'Security is our duty and we shall deliver it!'

This paper could be best described in following words-

Quality Management, Information Security, Threat Hunting and Mitigation Plans for a Software Company or a Technology Start-up engaged in building, deploying or consulting in Software and Internet Applications.

The chief sections of the document would be:

  1. Introduction to Enterprise Risk & Cyber Security
  2. The technologies we employ in
  3. Types of Software testing
  4. Some examples of Cyber Security Firms and what they do
  5. How we achieve a secure product
  6. InfoSec and Managed Security Service Provider
  7. Training and development
  8. Safeguarding against Phishing and Multi-Factor Authentication
  9. Threat hunting, mitigation and Vulnerability Management
  10. The denouement

You can read and download the article from:

Read on LinkedIn:

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Cheers my readers.
You are my reason to be motivated.

- M. Anwar Jamal Faiz

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  1. Malaysia News has published this article as a news on their website.