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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Facebook CamelCaseLimitations Hack: Using other name to overcome the the Too Many Capital Letters error

This solution might help you overcome the JavaScript like error that is returned by Facebook if your profile name consists of too many capital letters.

Actually you may also refer to this as Facebook CamelCaseLimitations Hack

Goto your profile page
Tap on More
Tap on View Your Profile
Tap on Update Info
Go down and tap on Add a nickname
Type your other name next to Name
At last, you need to check on the Show at top of profile.

It should be rembered that your other names, which could be nick name, a former name etc, should not violate Facebook policies. If approved, all names shall be visible in the About section of your profile. And, the one chosen to be shown on top is shows as main profile landing title.

Have fun. Happy branding.