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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Nohup for *SO* and her Achievements


This post is dedicated to my friend and welwisher forever. This soul has been created by God for me, I believe. She is my best friend ever, and the sources of inspiration of many of my writings. Many of my poetry work are created encompassing her at the center of my imaginations. You may call it my amitivity to maintain this inclination for her when I proclaim that had it not been for her, the best of my work would have never been produced. In fact, this blog has also been started as a dedication to her.

Many of my posts already have her name. My friend, My mate, my wife - *SO*. My readers know her very well, because of the inclusion of this name, here and there in my articles. Such is her power to affect me and my writings. And why shouldn't be it that way. After all, she owns a majestic personality with unarguably the most enchantic voice and the most refined beauties.

Apart from being the heroine (and, the only one) in all my works, she herself had been a student of computer science and holds an MBA degree. *SO* has been part of the student delegation from India to the International ABSA summit at Johannesberg, South Africa, 2009.
You can see: for the details

The IBSA dialogue forum was institutionalised in 2003, when the Head of States of the three countries signed an agreement to cooperate with each other, specifically in the fields of trade, agriculture, science and technology, health, energy and education. The IBSA Dialogue Forum presents the international community a model for further south-south cooperation, and is largely a response to previous imbalances within the international system under traditional north-south relations.

The Model IBSA Youth Summit aims to simulate the trilateral negotiation process as closely as possible while determined to reach innovative resolutions to global challenges. The Youth Summit seeks to increase awareness of the importance of the IBSA Dialogue Forum and promote an environment where students from different backgrounds can discuss and agree on solutions to urgent global issues.

The purpose of the Plenary on 24-26 September 2009, at the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg , South Africa , was to inaugurate the Model IBSA Summit and plan for the Youth Summit in South Africa in 2010, and to devise a strategy for the engagement and inclusion of young people in the IBSA programme. The Summit was a three day event that consisted of an opening ceremony on the evening of the 24th, followed by two days of discussions on the main issues that were discussed under the theme: The Future of South-South Cooperation: Voices from the Next Generation.

As indicated by the following website links, it will be clearly obvious that the achievement by this young team of three, from Jamia Millia Islamia University, New Delhi, is a big one. I am elated to have met all the three members of this team, and personally knowing one in such proximity. I salute her and the team for glorifying the name of JMI, Okhla, Delhi. She belongs to cities Mathura and Aligarh of Uttar Pradesh, which in all sense should be proud of her achievements.

Click following for details:-
1. Article from Official Jamia Millia University website:
2. Article from a big internet content providing website 2circles:
3. Snippet from an Orkut community webpost:
4. Another from TwoCircles:

I congratulate her for all her achivements so far.
I also wish her the very best in her all future endeavors.
(Definitely, I will be at your side darling: Like always, for ever.)

And now, abiding by the categorical attribute of this blog 'Discussions For IT People', I am also posting a computer software related advice. It is about the use of 'nohup' command in unix based machines. 'nohup' is used to start a process which has to keep running when the shell is
# nohup ping -i 60 > anwar.log &

And also, abiding by the dedication and romance for my best pal ever, I have invented a full form of nohup- Non Occasional Hands Up. Simply because a process run using nohup command is always up. This also resembles the way I am always up for her. And, I always do hands up when caught :) Jokes apart, the thoughts may sometime go in background, but they are always running.

One sher from an anonymous writer just before concluding:
Ek Muddat Se Mere Haal Se Beghaana Hai,
Jane Zaalim Ne Kis Baat Ka Bura Mana Hai,
Main Jo Ziddi Hun To Wo Bhi Ana Ka Qaidi,
Mere Kehne Pe Kahan Use Chale Aa na Hai.

With this light note I take your leave as of now. Imaginations of the same have again started setting me into a pool of creative emotions.
Take care readers while I am also putting efforts in a very serious guide book on Unix for everyone. And, it will be free.
Cheers ;)

-- Mohd Anwar Jamal Faiz

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