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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Anwar Jamal *SO* Orkut Love Testimonial

Hey All,

This is to officially notify you all about my recent observations and concluding evidence about our Hero of past Era- Mr. Orkut and Scraps Family. This letter could have also been titled as Historic End of Orkut Days. But I also find it a good media to shout at the top of my voice that Anwar loves *SO* and will Love Forever. And, hence the title is still what it is appearing to be.
I feel enormous pain when I tell that we have really come over the ages of Orkut. Presently enjoying with Facebook, and many opting for Say-No-To-Social-Networking, the citizens (netizens) all around the globe are minimizing their steps in the aisles of social networking sites. But still FB is at the top in its usage, usability, and outreach. My study is based on the vibes taking place on planet earth. And, anyone who has studied the contemporary culture on Mars, Pluto, or Hikachi (still unfound!) can have a debate with me over this. Please hold your hearts when I say that the star Orkut has really fallen from its place.

I would like to take this oppurtunity to explain the modus-operandi of my tests conducted. My experiments were based on the study of Orkut profiles of two of my most closest pals, a male and a female. The subjects were chosen because I know every bit of their lives, thoughts, and inside out. Comeon, I checked my own orkut profile and my wives one (as visible to me).

So it was a cold, dark, and scary last night when I had a chance to visit our Orkut profiles, just to wonder how many days (years!) have past and we have not checked our profiles.

Here is a Testimonial that I wrote for my beloved friend and wife, *SO*. It were my college days, and I wrote the true feelings. We were in love like ever, and this testimonial was a secret one to elate both of us. We planned to publish it once the college days were over, and our chemistry with money would become strong enough to finally let the world know our secret - We are getting married. Yeah, it was never any secret. You know, you will always find some people who come on earth, grow, use their parent's resources only to peek into others life. May an ass sneeze into their wide open caves when they yawn. (Yuck!)

Please excuse me for my dare to leave above thoughts and jump back to the story of Orkut and my testimonial life cycle. I know you must have grown interest in the ass and sneeze story, especially to know whom I curse and why. This is an obvious human psychological tendency to peek into other lives, and you again are becoming a victim of the same. Excuse me again, when I say that all of a sudden, the days of Orkut were all over. And, both of us forgot our pending activities.

See below the Orkut testimonial on *SO*'s profile with still a 'Pending Approval' tag. This is hilarious for us, memorable for us, and so romantic for us. But for Orkut, it is as hazardous as for a man is a maidens eye! Orkut is over, it seems.

The content of the testimonial, as already shown in the picture is as follows:

Just cut open my heart or ask my every breaths... Every corner echoes her name...
Such is her charm, innocence and serenity...

Even the cupid wants to whisper softly,
his words like music to her ears,
"I Love You,"
and wishes for her response the same,
heard like the gentle breeze,
"And I, love you, forever."

What I think about *SO* is again not less than an encyclopedic content. Sine here I am limited by words, courtesy Google, I keep my thoughts unto myself. 

Professionally, she is a marvellous presenter, sharp managerial skills. Personally, she is emotional, very tender. And occasionally, she is a volcano...ha ha ha (just kidding)

She is a wonderful debater, good orator and an awesome human being.

I wish her all success in life.
May Allah bless her with all good things she wishes for.

I was elated to find these words. Come on, you need to excuse the grammar and typos. They are the words coming directly from the heart! And the heart knows no grammar!! It only knows about the other heart which is magnetically, electro-magnetically, (or Loveo-magnetically) causing a constant force of attraction, and the stress ends only when you are joined. Two important points here - Nothing else would soothe you or relieve you so well, no matter what. And, you are not at rest even if the distance in between is made only a centi meter - you need to be joined.

The above words posted  on 18th May 2009, still hold true like ever before. And, I wish they hold true forever. I love her from the bottom of my soul. And, will love her, even when the days of FB will also exhaust :)

Shhh... Let me see, when she gets time to approve this testimonial.
I don't know how long this testimonial has to suffer the jail of the status 'pending approval'.
No one checks Orkut now. Huh...

---Mohd Anwar Jamal Faiz


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