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Friday, January 20, 2012

What is Internet Censorship Voyager

Post from Internet Censorship Voyager Blog.

I have defined in the header itself the intention and the purpose of this blog.

Mission: Travelling in modern times to understand, revisit and analyze the technical and ethical issues related to Global Internet Censorship.

The Internet or the Cyber world has taken our Real world from the Library-Magazines-Only state to the state having Search Engines, Wikis, CMSes, Social networks, Whistle Blowers, et al. But as it reaches to its puberty age, it is fearing about censorships from governments across the globe. 

Vision: I intend to understand the real need of Internet Censorship, the real problems, the real stories behind every Cyber Censorship attempts; And bring out to my readers latest news, laws, policies, problems, solutions, viability, and correctness of every such attempts in the name of Offensive and Objectionable contents; And to discuss any past or contemporary ban, block, or charges against Google, Facebook, Yahoo and other Internet and Social networking companies operating in the Cyber World.

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