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Friday, January 20, 2012

Indian Court threatens to ban facebook, Google etc

Post from Internet Censorship Voyager Blog.

Now it was the turn for Web majors like Google, Facebook, Youtube, Yahoo, Microsoft, and in total about 21 companies.
Indian court acting on plea of a journalist has warned these companies to remove offensive and objectionable contents.
The story started with a complaint filed in a lower court by Vinay Rai. He is a journalist who alleged that these companies were publishing ghastly material.
Just a few days back, India's minister of communications and information technology, Kapil Sibal provided various examples of "unacceptable" content. To prove his theory he manifested fake naked pictures of Indian political leaders and also a few of religiously sensitive images present over the web servers of these companies, and hence available to the people around the globe.
Justice Suresh Kait has warned these companies that “like China, we will block all such websites”. Obviously websites containing objectionable material, unless they agree to introduce new measures.

Web business tycoons were told to appear before the Delhi court on 13th March. They have to face criminal charges for allegedly hosting offensive and objectionable material on their websites. Ministry of external affairs has been given the responsibility of serving the summons to the companies.
However, I believe that this cannot happen so swiftly. Enormous restructuring is needed, and a lot of Software Engineering and testing has to be done; That too only for a reduction, not removal!
Even the BBC report says -
assuming there are over 100 million Internet users in the India, most Internet-based companies say such broad action is impossible.
Truly said, but forgot to add that here we are talking globally. So the number crosses 500 million mark!!
Now, let’s see the further gesture of the companies and the court. Till then you may also show a kind gesture by reading and clicking on the Ads in the blog.
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