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Monday, July 4, 2011

Mohd Anwar Jamal Faiz listed in Adobe X Credits - adobexcredits -on official website in Licencing and installer technologies

This title seems to be pretty straightforward in explaining what i want to convey.
again is self explanatory:
"Mohd Anwar Jamal Faiz listed in Adobe X Credits on official website in Licencing and installer technologies"

Obviously, Mohd Anwar Jamal Faiz is me ;)

You can see the AdobeXCredits Page here. View AdobeXcredits Page
You may also refer for information on Acrobat X Team Overview

My work in Adobe was truely a great learning experience with best minds of the industry. I could in short summarize my stay in Adobe as follows:

I worked in Adobe Systems from April 2009 - Jan 2011.

You can see the Credits in Adobe Acrobat v 10.1.2 from Help menu. The same is visible in Free downloadable Acrobat X Reader also. I am pasting snapsjot from version 10.1.2

I was Working in Creative Suite Team and helping development and API testing of CS Installer. The development was in Visual Studio 8.0, VC++, and XCode on Mac OSX. The Whitebox Unit test framework was an in-house one:Potluck. I was responsible for developing testcases, writing Unit test cases in VC++, adding to the framework and executing them. The test cases were maintained on TestStudio and for bug/defect tracking we used Watson. I worked in development and enhancement of a White Box Testing Framework and automation of entire process.

The biggest achievement was Develop a System to fully automate the CodeCoverage estimation using BullsEye. I developed the system and in its final forms, it was able to get triggered automatically, all code synched, build, instrumented binaries collected, functional testing done, results analyzed, reports prepared, and finally send via email and on a centralized host server where the reports can be viewed in Flash Swf animation.

I a sort of lead the Whitebox and Security Testing team of 2 people. Apart from using Excel Macros, VBA, various databases, XML, and dozens of utilities, my work primarily circumscribed Whitebox, security, performance, memory leaks testing. Some handy tools were Veracode, AppVerifier, Fortify, DevPartner, WinDbg, IBM Rational Purify, and Glowcode.

Definitely Perforce, MSOutlook, Office, McAfee AV, Google, Yahoomail, and Facebook were in routine ;)