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Friday, July 1, 2011

Javascript to open new popup window center on screen

I have met this requirement several times and have written this many times from scratch.
I seem to forget the syntax and refer on the internet again and again. this time I formaly wanted to give it a place on my blog itself.
So here comes a simple java script function that opens a new pop-up window and puts it on middle of screen :-

For example you may try out the following link...
Click Here to open POPUP WINDOW

Clicking on the above link will open a new window. Voila!! U achieved a popup window. True, it was as easy as this. But the syntax to open a new window should be kept in mind.

You can return to this blog, whenever you feel like. There are a lots more advices, secret tricks, tips in programming. I do this for joy and passion. But no wrong if I request you to click on few of the Advertisement links. It would help me getting my bread and butter.

And for you all, I promise that the next article will be a very buttery. Yum! Yum!


  1. I love this article. helpful advice toughjamy

  2. Thanks Anonymous !!
    Your review would be helpful on few others articles too.
    Take care :)

    PS: Scammers please post only about anything related to IT.