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Monday, August 2, 2010

How Google Search Suggest or "did you mean" Algorithm works

According to Douglas M., former CTO of Google , the logic behind suggestions is as follows:

1) Anyone writes a ( misspelled ) word in google

2) If the person does not find what he/she wanted then he/she does not click on any results that came.

3) He/she realizes that there was a typo error. So a rewrite of the word in the search box happens by him/her. That is he/she enters the correct word.

4) He/she finds what they want. They proceed by clicking on any of the result.

This is where the catch is. This pattern multiplied millions of times, by zillions of users, show what are the most common misspells and what are the most "common" corrections. So based on this Goggle corrects the searched query (rather suggests a correct query).

Enjoy Googling!!!

Mohd Anwar jamal Faiz
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