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Sunday, March 8, 2020

Typechecker in hhvm and running Hack program

Let's start with writing a sample program of printing cubes of numbers. eg:

Using the editor of your choice (e.g., VSCode or vim), let's create a file called first.hack with the following code:
<<__entrypoint>> function main(): void { echo "Welcome to Hack! \n\nTutorial by Anwar Faiz\n\n"; \printf("Table of Cubes\n" . "----------------\n"); for ($i = -5; $i <= 5; ++$i) { \printf(" %2d %2d \n", $i, $i * $i * $i); } \printf("----------------\n"); exit(0); }
To see the result of Typechecking:
$ hh_client first.hack
You should see:
No errors!
* Note that however, you might get following error - Error: /Users/mfaiz/ECPCP/hhvm-hack/first.hack is not a directory
But that is other issue. i will explain in next post.

To run the program on client side:
$hhvm first.hack 
You will get following as result.

By the way by now I am already feeling like using Node like application for PHP. This is looking cool. Hurray! 
Take care readers. And pour in your thoughts :)

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