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Thursday, January 3, 2019

Packing and unpacking tar/gzip files on Windows

A few years ago I wrote a similar blog for Linux. Refer However, the question is again very relevant if your OS is Windows and its family. Hence this post.

Method 1: Using compression utility

First you compress it to tar with 7-zip and then to gzip with 7-zip.
You u can do using their UI or command line support provided by them.

Following is the example if you want to use 7z tool or its dll:

  • Create .tar.gz: 7z a -ttar -so dwt.tar dwt/ | 7z a -si dwt.tar.gz
  • Extract .tar.gz: 7z x dwt.tar.gz -so | 7z x -si -ttar

Method 2: Using bash shell on Windows like UnixUtils or any other Bash of Ubutu etc on Windows.

If installed, make a directory and proceed as follows:
cd /mnt/c/[path to folder to archive]
tar -pczf archive.tar.gz *
In fact, if you notice this approach is similar to my earlier blog for Windows.

Method 3: Write your own subroutine/function to generate a Zip file.

Yeah! you can do it. Thousands of companies do it. And you can find open source solutions as well. Because these formats are in any case open source! Pretty easy :)

Method 4: Extending method 1 more, you can use Gzip for Windows - GnuWin32. This utility has command line version as fell. Refer