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Friday, October 14, 2016

Does Quora API exist - How can I use Quora's API - How to use Quora API

There are many including me who ponder over questions like:
Is there a Quora API that dev can use
How to use Quora api
reading Quora programatically

Answer: There is no official Quora APIs till date. Period.

Although there is an unofficial version to it, but its in a nascent stage till recently. See: This API interface also uses PyQuora package. It is build in Python. Refer:

Yeah! however you can directly parse using URL injections. You can also understand it in a way that Quora has exposed a JSON-based data API that allows users to access data about a currently logged-in user. However, the power is very limited.

For instance, to request particular fields about the currently logged-in user, you can add fields to a query string and append to Currently supported fields include:
  •     Inbox
  •     Followers
  •     Following
  •     Notifs, etc
And, that is why i referred to it as mere URL injections!

You can also read about specific details on a Quora post itself. The only Quora API appears to be located at Quora Extension API by Edmond Lau on Edmond Lau's Posts.

But, I have an advice for you all geeks. Use these hacks with caution. At the best, DO NOT try with your primary account. You shall also stand a chance to block your account.

Afterall, Spamming is not good for health dear!

*PS: This answer is also posted in an official Quora post itself.

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