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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

ItzUpp Accepted - Google Developer Challenge 2012

ItzUpp accepted into the Google Places API Developer Challenge 2012

[Google-Worldwide-News] Last month, December 2012, ItzUpp was accepted as a contestant into the Google Places API Developer Challenge. Seems, it is one of the two selected entries from India! And Google has accepted and listed Top 52 Apps on their website. ItzUpp is one of them!!

The Itzupp details video is ==>
The blog post describing ItzUpp is ==> See ItzUpping details
Go HERE to vote ==>

The timeline for the contest is:
August 15, 2012: Submissions Begin
November 30, 2012: Deadline for Application Submission
December 12 – December 31, 2012: Public Voting
December 12 – January 11, 2013: Voting by Judges
January 30, 2013: Winners Announced
2013: Live Streaming of Awards Presentation Hangout with a recap at the 2013 I/O Conference

The prizes are:
Showcase your Google Places API application at our annual Google I/O conference in San Francisco. There will be two categories of awards – Judge’s Choice and People’s Choice awards:
Judge’s Choice Award
Three (3) application entries will receive an immersive experience at Google I/O 2013, including:
2 Google I/O tickets per winning team
$3500 travel stipend
A chance to showcase their app at Google I/O 2013
Dinner with the Google Maps and Places API team
Three runners up will enjoy:
One (1) Google Nexus 7 16gb Tablet
A 15-minute hang out with a Google Executive
People’s Choice Award
One entry will be chosen by the voting public and will receive:
2 Google I/O tickets per team
$3500 travel stipend
A chance to showcase their app at Google I/O 2013
Dinner with the Google Maps and Places API team

Public Voting has now closed.

The Tagline of Itzupp is - Before you visit. The bold letters on the website says "Know The Places Around Before You Actually Visit."

One user has reported the following--
"I always use  to find about any place. I can search any restaurant, shopping complex, shops, pubs and discs. I can read reviews too and also see adjacent areas. I have used this in my recent travel to London, UK and Goa, India.
Awesome feedbacks and reviews. Very objective details.
AND BEST PART. I SEARCHED "halal meat in london" to get a long list of restaurants serving halal meat. This is just amazing service!!
I just love itzupping!!""

This is world's first service to find and know the places around beforehand. Find, explore, and review the places around you before you actually visit it. This is called ItzUpping!!

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