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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

VC++: See line numbers in Visual Studio IDE

Microsoft Visual Studio, by default does not show line numbers in the Source Code editor window. Though it is much required at times, but because of some vague statistics (in my opinion :) ), Micrsoft has preferred to not make it a default option. All said, enabling it on is pretty easy. Though a lot of developer community still struggles to use Edit->Goto line number option. The steps to do this is:-

Goto Tools->options->Text editor->All languages (on some versions only  languages)->General->Display->Check the line numbers and press Apply or OK.

See the attached screenshot:

And in case you want to set this change only for one language you can select that language instead of all languages.
For eg. see below where I made changes only for VC++ coding:

Happy coding ;)

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