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Friday, December 16, 2011

GeoBing by Anwar Faiz: First Facebook App using Bing Maps

I have developed a new Facebook Application and wanted to post something about that.

Name of the Facebook App: GeoBing

Description: Use the GeoBing App to share your location on Facebook using Microsoft's Latest Bing Maps. Your Profile would get updated with your current location and map.

Importance: GeoBing Facebook Application is the world's first innovative way to share your Geographical Location over Facebook using Bing Maps. You can even do it from your Laptop and Desktop Browsers.!!

GeoBing FaceBook Link:

Steps to use:
Step 1: Click this button Show map. [You need to click this]

Step 2: When prompted, allow your location to be shared to see Geolocation in action

Step 3: When you see your Location information on the Map below, Click 'Post to Facebook' button on the bottom.

Effect: Your geographical location would be posted over your Facebook profile page.

Help promoting this App. This was designed in curiosity to use Bing Maps. And I am happy and glad to let you all know, GeoBing is the first Facebbok Application that uses Microsoft Bing Maps to post your Geographical location. This works from your desktop, laptops, handheld devises, Samsung Galaxy S2, Iphone, Ipads etc.

Love u all.
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-Mohd Anwar Jamal Faiz


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  2. Thanks Aishwarya !!
    Your review would be helpful on few others articles too.
    Take care :)

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