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Monday, October 11, 2010

Changing location of %temp% folder

As we all know that Windows maintains a location where programs can put temporary files. But at times you might want to change that location. Changing this location might cause some installed Application to behave abnormally. But who the geek like you cares!!

The step is pretty simple. And really this is of help to Testing guys who want to test what is its impact over their applications. Although this can be done manually too using a simple batch script, I am telling the manual method. This clearly explains the method.

Go to Windows Command Prompt, (Start->Run->Type cmd and press Enter).Type SET followed by the Enter key. Windows will list a number of what are called "environment variables" that make various types of information available to running programs. Two of them will look much like this:
The DOCUME~1 represents the Documents and Settings folder.
TMP and TEMP both specify the directory to be used for temporary files. Both TMP and TEMP are used for compatibility reasons. You can even edit it here or can change by following method.

Right click on My Computer and click on Properties. In the resulting dialog click on the Advanced tab. Click on the button abeled Environment Variables. The TMP and TEMP is listed in the section labeled User variables. You can edit these path to any desired location and Apply this setting.

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