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Friday, May 14, 2010

Time of any location using Google

Hey, sometimes our system clocks go wrong. Or there is sudden need of finding exact time. Many of us might be probably working for client which are based at different locations. And communication has to be carried out.

Google comes to rescue..

With Google at your hands we don’t have to install any software. It would be just simple to use a query for finding the current time such as,

time delhi
time paris

One thing for caution. It does not works for all nooks and corners. Eg. Time Balochistan would not yield anything.


  1. thanx for the info. in fact i was looking for such a tool. but we wud need a tool in case of time for balochistan right... so wots 2 b done in dat case wid google...

  2. time balochistan
    or time karachi
    time kabul