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Friday, May 14, 2010

Solar energy in mobile towers

Solar energy in its raw form may be pollution-free, but manufacturing the devices that get the energy out of light and heat requires metal and other material, requiring mines and smelters, therein causing pollution. Maybe the most exciting thing about solar energy today is not only that the costs continue to drop and efficiencies continue to rise, but that clean solar energy is arriving at last. New technologies allow new methods of manufacturing which pollute much less, and often run on solar energy.
Solar heating and solar electric systems can now generate thermal and electric energy over their service life up to 100 times the energy input during their manufacture. This ratio; the energy it will produce in its lifetime, compared to the amount of energy input to manufacture and maintain an energy system, has doubled in the last 20 years for most solar technologies. The ratio of energy out vs. energy in for solar systems has become so favorable that the economic and ecological viability of solar power is now beyond question.
One reason solar energy still cannot compete financially vs. conventional energy is because the value of future energy output from a photovoltaic system is discounted when calculating, for example, an internal rate of return. These economic models that put a time-value on money, making long-term receipts not worth as much as near-term receipts cannot necessarily be applied to energy. Traditional models of economic analysis for an energy system lasting 50 years treat the free energy in years 11 through 50 as nearly worthless. The underlying assumption when discounting returns beyond 10 years is that BTUs are as fungible as currencies; something that is arguable but not certain. If a society as a whole desires energy independence, a solar energy system’s return on investment in year 50 is no less valuable than the return on investment in year one.

Our concern is - can this solar energy be used to meet power requirements of so many mobile towers. Currently diesel refilling is being done. How about establishing solar panels on mobile towers itself.
Still working on the idea.. Will write again.


  1. with the global warming becoming a global and serious issues and the copenhagen summit not being able to conclude... it is time everything will shift to solar energy being the power fule . but these solar equipments have high investments and even maintanece but yes the world will hafta mov to this sooner or later

  2. Thanks Sadia !!
    Your insightful reviews would be helpful on few others articles too.
    Take care :)

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