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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Tar command in Linux [additional notes in Freebsd] to archive and extract contents (तार कमांड इन लिनुक्स)

'tar' command in linux is used to make archive and also to extract from the tar archive. Actually TAR is a file compression format and linux supports it very well. It is also used synonymously with TGZ sometimes. The same 'tar' command is used to create as well as extract from a tar.

A) To Create linux tar gz (Gzip) archive
tar -czvf myarchive.tgz mydirectory/
-c, –create create a new archive

In Freebsd there is no -v -z options so simple command like :
tar -cf would do it.

If you use -w , then it will prompt you at every file. -v will give you a verbose output at each line.

It is important to note that .tgz is the same thing as .tar.gz

B)To Create linux simple tar archive without any compression
tar -cvf myarchive.tar mydirectory/

C) For Extracting linux tar archive:
tar -xzvf mystuff.tgz
-x tells to extract the files form the tar archive
You can remove z if it is a simple tar file.

There are a lot more options available that you can get to know using man or --help. Also, a good book on linux will help you learn more on file compression decompresion and tar zip commands etc. The things i mentioned, will suffice your daily needs anyways. Cheers ;)

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Access copy Share files between Host and guest file system in VMware virtual machine

There is definitely ways to achieve the task. It all depends on the choice of the host machine you are using and the guest OS in the VMware. Just keep in mind the following matrix:

WinWinwindows file sharing
WinLinuxsamba, ssh

The same above in graphics is

To summarize:
# If Both systems run Windows operating system, you can use Windows file sharing
# If You are connecting from a Linux system to a Windows system, you can use smbmount
# If You are connecting from a Windows system to a Linux system, use Samba
# If Both systems run Linux operating systems, use NFS, FTP and Telnet

For more detailed description you can also visit VMWare official website document on this topic at the following location. Click Here for VMWare Help

In order to share folders between the host operating system and the guest operating system you can use VMWare settings. Go to VM->Settings->options

The same is shown in the adjacent snapshot.
Added notes in July 2012 :-- VMware Workstation 4 Features | Documentation | Knowledge Base | Discussion Forums Prev Contents Last Next Using Shared Folders With shared folders, you can easily share files among virtual machines and the host computer. To use shared folders, you must have the current version of VMware Tools installed in the guest operating system and you must use the Virtual Machine Control Panel to specify which directories are to be shared. You can use shared folders with virtual machines running the following guest operating systems: Windows Server 2003 Windows XP Windows 2000 Windows NT 4.0 Linux with a kernel version of 2.4 or higher To set up one or more shared folders for a virtual machine, be sure the virtual machine is open in Workstation and click its tab to make it the active virtual machine. Go to Edit > Virtual Machine Settings > Options and click Shared folders. You can add one or more directories to the list. Those directories may be on the host computer or they may be network directories accessible from the host computer. In a Windows virtual machine, shared folders appear in My Network Places (Network Neighborhood in a Windows NT virtual machine) under VMware Shared Folders. For example, if you specify the name Test files for one of your shared folders, you can navigate to it by opening My Network Places > VMware Shared Folders > .host > Shared Folders > Test files. You can also go directly to the folder using the UNC path \\.host\Shared Folders\Test files. You can map a shared folder to a drive letter just as you would with a network share. Note: To see shared folders displayed in this way, you must update VMware Tools in the virtual machine to the current version. If your guest operating system has the version of VMware Tools that shipped with VMware Workstation 4.0, shared folders appear as folders on a designated drive letter. In a Linux virtual machine, shared folders appear under /mnt/hgfs. So the shared folder in this example would appear as /mnt/hgfs/Test files.

Vmware and sharing rocks!!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

inurl search fails on Google - Is it not a Google hack or failure

Earlier you must have used inurl: searches in Google Search Engine.
But today i found out that it fails.

I looked for query : inurl:adobe
And nothing comes up.

Then i searched for inudl:adobe and several results come up.
I am also advised to search for inurl:adobe instead.

But again on clicking the Link the Google Search Engine stopped responding.

I rechecked this many times today.

Someone from Google, have a look!!
1) Please advertise if the support has ended
2) In any case the search engine should not get confused and must not hang.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Advantage of computer animation and 3d in school education and children in particular

This is a great article from To read in Full Click Animation Advantage Article


When we see children using computers, we tend to assume they are gaming addicts. But think again.

Students at Chulalongkorn University's Demonstration Elementary School, or Satit Chula, are ready to prove that computers can provide a platform where imagination and joy come together in creative ways.

The school is the country's first institution where primary students can display their talents and inventiveness via computer 3D animation.

The school recently held the CUD Character Design Contest, titled ''My School Bus.'' Eighty-six students submitted their inventions and seven of them were chosen for the final round.

People usually think that animation is about the matter of technique, but in fact it is art, the computer is just a tool to help students to deal with it more easily.


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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Keyboard shortcuts for VMware

I am listing some keyboard shortcuts for VMWare. These have been prepared by learning, help docs and the internet. Please comment if I miss something important, or if any thing is not working with the version you are using.

F11 switch to full-screen mode and also back to normal mode
Ctrl-Alt-Insert Like a Ctrl-Alt-Delete to the VMware OS running
Ctrl-Alt used for mouse release and exit full screen mode
Ctrl-Alt-Enter VM into full-screen.
Also acts like Tab in windows to choose between VMs
Ctrl-Alt-Tab switch between multiple VM.

Ctrl+N create a new VM for you
Ctrl+O open a new VM for you
Ctrl+P edit VMware settings and Preferences
Ctrl+B power on some VM
Ctrl+E power off
Ctrl+R reset power
Ctrl+Z suspend some VM

Oh cumon! I am not giving all keyboard shortcuts. The UI is rich enough. But actually these are often required especially when your mouse starts non-responsive. Afterall, VMware and OS are also softwares. And they can be buggy sometimes ;) Hope you find this cool/

Free National Aptitude Test Talenthunt 2011

I came across a link conducting a Free
National Aptitude Test on Sept 4, 2011. If it interest anyone, he/she may visit
the site. Please be advised that I have no relation with the aforementioned organization and have not tested any credibilty or quality of test.
Just wanted to pass the info.