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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Refresh All the open tabs in Chrome browser instead of F5 each window

Ever encountered the issue of lost connectivity and on regaining connection the need of refreshing all the open tabs in chrome browser. Yeah! sounds similar. Isn't it?

Basically you will need to refresh all the tabs in following circumstances:
1. You have opened tabs and network loses and comes again after sometime.
2. You have hibernated machine and on restart want to refresh each tab
3. you open some websites or a list of saved bookmarks, but gone for a cuppa coffee and return again.

In all the above scenarios you need to go to each and individual tab and hit F5 or Refresh. Actually this was what i have been doing for quite some time.
And, trust me I was really very upset about that. I knew there would be some solution, but installing just another plugin for this was a not-my-type solution.

And, finally my Columbus heart discovered AmericA! Yo:)

Refreshing All the Tabs in Chrome is actually very easy. Thanks Google Dev Team for that. But at the same time, I would be angry with them ( anger of a beloved!) that why have they hidden this for so long.

To do this you need to treat the tabs as if they are some files or folders in System explorer. Just click on the first tab. Hold down the shift key. And, finally click on the last tab. This would light up all the tabs, if you see minutely. Actually, its an indication that all tabs are activated or selected. Now just right any tab and click on reload or do an F5. This would refresh all pages.