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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Google to retire Meebo Bar on June 6th 2013

An easy and handy tool to the publishers around the globe, Meebo Bar, is now sentenced to death. Come June 6, the Meebo Bar publishing tool will get retired by Google.

The Meebo Bar is a tool that publishers can put on their site to make it easier for users to discover, browse, and share content on their site. Here's an example of the bar on Budget Travel:
Meebo Bar came as a JavaScript plug-in that sits at the bottom of Web pages. It enabled a lot of different social interaction and sharing features.

So now the developers are asked remove the inactive Meebo code from their site as the Meebo Bar. In case they do not do so, teh Meebo bar would not appear after 6th, this month.

It is worthwhile to note that Google bought Meebo for approximately $100 million.

The snippet of the email I got from Google reads as follows-
"Dear Meebo Bar Publisher,
Five years ago, we launched the Meebo Bar to bring community, engagement, and revenue to publisher sites.
As part of the Google team, this continues to be our focus, but we want to best serve mobile and desktop publishers moving forward. Therefore, we have decided to focus our resources on initiatives like the recently launched Google+Sign-In (which includes interactive posts and over-the-air app installs) and the Google+ plug-ins.
This means we will retire the Meebo Bar, effective June 6, 2013."

So, the world is done with an era of Meebo.