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Saturday, May 20, 2017

AMU Engineering cut off explained : Demystifying questions like Can I get admission in the Aligarh Muslim University BTech with a score of 72?

This article will explain you every bits of AMU Engineering cutoff and waiting lists.

To start with, a simple answer to what is the cutoff for the engineering entrance examination - Fluctuating!

Many of the young students often ask questions like: Can I get admission in the AMU BTech with a score of 72? My reply to all of them would be - You are just on margin and nothing can be predicted surely at this score!

Having said that, I congratulate them on the efforts they put in. They surely are among good students who have the mettle to get admitted to this prestigious university. To anyone with this high score, you now have 3 options:

1. Wait and watch for the results to come. I wish you all the best and once selected respond here with the good message.
2. Hold tight! You might also get included in Waiting lists. There might be 3 waiting lists in themselves. You can get admission if people drop off and do not take admissions.
3. Start focusing on more exams and preparations should never loose focus waiting on the results on one exams. Exams are a part of life, and not the life itself!

It should be understood that the cutoff shall be based on some of the influential factors which affect the same to a great extent. Various aspects are taken into consideration while announcing the AMUEEE 2017 Cutoff Marks. It varies highly with the difficulty level of question paper and other factors. Generally,  for moderate level of difficulty , it is around 70-75 for external students and around 60-65 for internal students.

The total number of seats are around 365 and number of seats in different trades are as follows:
Chemical Engineering - 30
Civil Engineering - 60
Computer engineering - 50
Electrical Engineering - 60
Electronics Engineering - 50
Mechanical engineering - 90
Petrochemical Engineering - 20
BArch - 20

The cutoff depends on how many well prepared candidates appeared for the exam that year, question paper and if you are internal or external. Some important factors that you can include in guessing the cutoff present year are listed as following:

  • Total Number of students
  • Availability of seats
  • Toughness level of examination
  • Lowest and average marks in the entrance examination
  • Marking scheme
  • Performance of the candidates
  • Previous year cutoff trends

As per the official notifications:

AMU determines the minimum scores obtained by the candidates to be considered for admission to various engineering courses at the university. AMUEEE 2017 cutoff involves various important aspects. The vital aspects are given below.
For admission to various undergraduate engineering courses at AMU, the candidates have to either score the minimum required cutoff marks or above that.
AMU conducts AMUEEE 2017 and is the competent authority that decides AMUEEE 2017 cutoff marks.
AMUEEE cutoff 2017 is determined by various factors like candidates’ performance level, seat capacity of the respective courses, total number of test takers, and difficulty level of the paper and reservation policy.
Aspirants, who fail to secure the minimum marks required for admission to AMU through AMUEEE 2017, will not be considered eligible for admissions to B. Tech courses at the university.
On the basis of AMUEEE 2017 cutoff, AMU prepares AMUEEE 2017 merit list for the examinees.
As per their ranks in AMUEEE 2017 merit list, seats are allocated to candidates.

My three advises here:

  1. Concentrate on your preparations and give your best shot. Don't prepare with a preset target score as it can deceive you into making a wrong decision at your test date. Think 95% plus!
  2. Even if you don't get your favorite branch, you have a chance to change your branch in the beginning of your second year, provided you study well. I did that. You need to have very high scores in your first year results.
  3. In case you get a waiting list, do not be disheartened. There is a good chance that it will get clear as many would cancel their admissions. 

I wish all the students a very best of luck in all the engineering entrance exams. You all are a gem and a treasure for the nation.

Jai Hind & Jai Ho!

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Using Github ReadMe opened programatically : How to open and read the file dynamically

It is noteworthy to understand that HTML does work in the file. With this clear understanding, I guess many of such questions would be automatically answered like - how to make bold font in ReadMe file, or how to insert image etc. Also note that it depends a lot on what application/ text editor you are using and also lot on the OS. 

Recently I had trouble in inserting blank line character in the file of Github. I personally preferred < br /> tag there, and i have a full post describing the same:

I have demonstrated the change in a git commit in the Github repository explained in the post. See:

This understanding was much needed to handle the question and also to find many other uses of why you would probably need to do it!

Further, to answer the question straight, you need two steps: 

1. Find the Url for the file in Raw version. For example see one: 

How to open Raw view of file: ( See screenshot )

2. Now if you want to use server side the using file_gets_content etc of php you can load the url. Or, if you want to use jquery, you can use the Load().

** Do, also notice that if you do View Source of the Raw URL page, you just see, plain text. So, you don't need to do much text parsing stuffs as well :) This is a good news.

** Next you can use unescape functions or tools like codebeautify to unescape the characters that can alter with the look and feel of your HTML like ' <   " etc etc.

Using Github ReadMe opened programatically : How to open and read the file dynamically:

To create sophisticated formatting for your prose and code on GitHub with simple syntax, you can refer the basic writing and formatting syntax at:

Have a great Day dear :)

@Anwar Jamal Faiz

Saturday, May 13, 2017

New line in ReadMe file Github: Fixing the blank new line break issue in ReadMe.Md files in Github

This post is aimed to fix a very simple issue - Fixing the blank new line break issue in ReadMe.Md files in Github. You can find the ReadMe.Md file which had this problem and how it was fixed in my Github repository:

When editing an issue and clicking Preview the following lines in Read me file:
i.e. it shows every letter on a new line.

However, it seems sometimes that after pushing similar markdown source structure in joins all the letters on one line.

Issue: This usually happens because of different Operating systems and text editors used.

Interpreting newlines as
used to be a feature of Github. But recent documentations do not list this as a feature. So, you have to do it manually. But its easy!

Method 1: Introduce a __ character at end of each line. _ acts as a blank space
i.e transform:
as following in the file:
(where ).

Method 2: Explicitly add

I personally prefer method 2 for a number of reasons. For example you can see following commit of mine just to fix the same issue:

Using Github ReadMe opened programatically : How to open and read the file dynamically:

New line in ReadMe file Github: Fixing the blank new line break issue in ReadMe.Md files in Github

To create sophisticated formatting for your prose and code on GitHub with simple syntax, you can refer the basic writing and formatting syntax at:

Cheers ;)
Anwar Faiz

Method hiding Vs overriding in C# : New feature that can be cause of big troubles later

In here, I tried to show a new feature in C# or Visual studio languages. This is not in Java, and I have proactively tested that ;)

Example: Class A has a Print method; class B inherits from class A and implements the Print method as well. Now Print method will be overridden. Simple!

But now, test carefully that what happens if you change the Print method signature in class B. If you add the new keyword there, a behavior changes. In this case the method does not overrides. In fact it will hide the method. For references, i have the Github repository up and running:

Most Important: In normal object calls, this one will not be caught. The behavior difference is seen when you make an object with parent class variable.

Let us start with defining some classes, and see a working example:

class A
        public string Print()
            return "A";

    class B : A
        public string Print()
            return "B";

    class A2
        public string Print()
            return "A2";

    class B2 : A2
        public new string Print()
            return "B2";

Now let us write a program to check the behavior in both ways. See attached screenshot:

The result of the run is as follows:

Demo of overriding...
 a.Getname : A
 b.Getname : B
 a2.Getname : A2
 b2.Getname : B2

Demo of method hiding...
 x.Getname : A
 y.Getname : A2

Now this clearly shows that in the second case, the method of child class becomes hidden!

Issues seen with this new feature in Visual Studio C#:
What I foresee here are a couple of problems and i am describing the same:
1. Programmers of other languages reading this part of code, will have a tough time understanding what is happening.
2. There is a huge difference between the way overriding works and this method hiding functionality behaves, this new feature may prove to be step going back to Non-OOP days!
3. More importantly, the function written in the child class, gets of no use now. It becomes hidden, in a way.
4. I further see that it is default behavior in C#. This means that you do not even need to write the new keyword. Also, if the method on the base class is marked as virtual, and you forget to mark the method on the inheriting class with override, you might land in method hiding.
5. If a bug is encountered, it will be hard to find that the trouble is cause of a new keyword.

Proposed solution to team Microsoft working on this:
As we know, since already introduced, it will be tough to remove it. Particularly, because many have already started using in their projects. I know the team Microsoft spends a lot of effort on giving backwards compatibilty, and they are really good at that!.So, the best option is to introduce the Warning on Visual Studio Editor. You can also raise a compile time warning.

PS: You can download working repository of code sample at:

Have a happy coding and testing guys!
@Anwar Faiz

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Unicode characters in Eclipse console : Resolving Eclipse IDE issue when console runner not shows Unicode and Multibyte characters.

First of all little gyaan:

What is Unicode character string:
Earlier we used ASCII etc to encode characters. But the limit of the number of characters were less. Obviously, you cannot capture world in 256 numbers!
Then we developed some more encoding to cater to all languages but many of them had issues like below:
1. A particular code value corresponds to different letters in the various language standards.
2. The encodings for languages with large character sets have variable length. Some common characters are encoded as single bytes, other require two or more byte.

Here enters our beloved Unicode. Our hero, a new language standard was developed and in this character holds 2 byte. Hence, java or C++ or any language, uses 2 byte for characters representation.

lowest value:\u0000
highest value:\uFFFF

My problem statement in this post is that sometimes the unicode characters are not visible in the output console of Eclipse IDE. This blog post aims to solve that.

Suppose our program is:
public class Simple{
public static void main(String... args){
System.out.println("Hi World!");

String arabicText = "اسمي أنور";
String banglaText = "আমার নাম আনোয়ার";
String urduText = "میرا نام انور ہے";
String hindiText = "मेरा नाम अनवर है";
String frenchText = "Je m'appelle Anwar";


On running the output is:
Hi World!
???? ????
???? ??? ???????
???? ??? ???? ??
???? ??? ???? ??
Je m'appelle Anwar

See screenshot:

To resolve this you need to Modify your Run Configuration:
To Open Your Run Configuration. This can be achiebved by:
In Package Explorer, right click on your project
Run As-> Run Configurations

Here In the common Tab, check the Encoding used:

Change it to UTF8.
Click apply and Run

Now Run the program and you should find correct result. New output is:

Hi World!
اسمي أنور
আমার নাম আনোয়ার
میرا نام انور ہے
मेरा नाम अनवर है
Je m'appelle Anwar

See screenshot:

You can download the repository having the sample code from Gitup. See: