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Friday, May 14, 2010

Bug in InstallShield12. Error 1301 and 1304. Flexera Installshield Bug vulnerability

I noticed a bug in Installshield and have already reported on their website. I am making this available to my readers so that they dont get amazed if this happens to them. I am already tracking this on company's website. More information can be sought on give URL:
Click to Visit Flexera InstallShield official Website Bug

Click to Visit Flexera InstallShield Community Pages Archive for more Info

Let's say you have to make an MSI that would install an executable 'abc.exe' and a folder 'xyz' having few files (any files). You can very well make such an MSI.
Now, try to install using this MSI. Definitely, it installs.
Now after installation, go to install location and delete the 'abc.exe' and instead create a folder with name 'abc.exe'.

Now try to Reinstall in repair mode. We get following message-
Error 1301: "Cannot create file abc.exe because a folder with same name exists. Try to Install on different location." This seems pretty OK

But on this screen we have an option of Ignore. Clicking on Ignore gives an error that is weird--
Error 1304: "Error while writing file \xyz\. Verify that you have access to that directory."

This is a bug. Either Ignore should not be there, or the Error 1304 should not come.

Someone from Flexera to comment!!!!!

Mohd Anwar Jamal Faiz


  1. Thanks !!
    Your review would be helpful on few others articles too.
    Take care :)