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Friday, May 14, 2010

Media nearing Money effect

I came across a video of a news channel reporting on India's losing in T20. The voice articulation is so dramatic. The reporting style is so hillarious. I regard this as Media nearing Money Effect.

Check Video at:

Indian media has nowadays really gone crazy. How can you blame players so critically for losing in a either-win-or-lose game. These days there are so many 24x7 news channels, which are presenting news only for getting TRP rating. Many news channels are presenting orthodox, supersitious and astrological programmes only to create sensation. This news is just an illegitimate offspring of Media nearing Money. We have already witnessed disastrous outcome of this M and M relation. Someone, should give it a voice...


  1. Absolutely yes.
    I gave this a thums up!!!!!

  2. Thanks Sadia :)

    PS: "I didn't rush" is correct and "i didn't rushed" is wrong.
    See, I have changed.
    Luv you