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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Covmerge : Merging two Bullseye Code coverage reports

Merge or combine two .COV Files
Bullseye is a nice tool for Code coverage computation. And I have been using it for quite some years now. There is a pretty nice feature about bullseye utility which we tend to forget in our day to day work with it.
This feature of Bullseye you should know. It is the ability to merge reports.

This is pretty useful when you have one report from your unit tests and one from some other type of test run. Particularly useful in following scenarios:
Merge two Bullseye reports .cov files together
how to Merge Bullseye code coverage reports gathered from different test runs
Merging Blackbox test automation code coverage reports with White box API Unit testcase coverage report

Whatever be your objective, Use this command to merge reports with Bullseye:
covmerge.exe -c -fMerged.cov file1.cov file2.cov

Obviously, for this command to Work, the bullsye installation directory path must be in your environment variables. ;)

Tell me how did you use this utility.
For more tutorials on Bullseye, see my earlier posts. You can read details, download the tutorial and software directly from BullsEye Official Website


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