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Friday, January 20, 2012

Software Problems in Filtering and censoring Internet

Post from Internet Censorship Voyager Blog.

I really find it hard to tackle the problem of keyword filtering and removing objectionable contents from the Internet servers as big as yahoo, google, Facebook etc. 

With more than billions of Internet users let’s see what are problems:

1. Billions of Internet users around the globe
2. Thousands of cultural diversities across the globe
3. Millions of line posted every hour over the internet
4. Approximately 11 hours video upload every third minute across the globe
5. Tweets, status updates, messages, forwarding, comes in a real time environment. So who will keep track of these things
6. What is objectionable may not be objectionable for other and vice-versa
7. Age old problems like “Adult content removal” is still not successful, who the hell can develop an “Offensive content removal” system. Hat’s off to law making people. They think programming just like passing a bill in legislature, or just finding a mistake in law that could convict an innocent or help escape a murderer.
8. Google indexes websites by their webbots (crawlers). But now a filtered Indexing has to be done. So now thousands of daily complaints by webmasters will come, why their websites was not crawled.
9. Facebook has to re-invent ways to check status updates. Monitoring (manual efforts and decision making also reuired here) will make your status updates taking time to come. 
10. DNS manipulations and proxy servers are very common these days and known to almost every informed internet user
11. Audio visual contents and text in images are still not possible to handle.
12. Any Language translations API is also not 100% successful till date
13. Bla bla bla
14. Bla bla bla

In addition to these also remember some of my thoughts that I use to share regularly related to Internet Censorship. Combining all facts I find it an extremely baffling problem to deal with.

So do I need to reason out more by logic? You all are better judges. 

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