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Monday, January 16, 2012

Is Google making an “Anti-iPad”- Google-Apple rivalry leading to new Android device by Google.

There has been a news circulating in the industry that Google is working on a device to compete with Apple's iPad. And now even according to the New York Times, "Eric Schmidt, the chief executive of Google, told friends at a recent party (obviously informal party) in LA about the new device. This, still an elusive device (with unknown birth time and unknown pregnancy status), would exclusively be running on the Android operating system." Google is the standard-bearer in the world of Web standards, also owner of busiest and biggest search engine, holds control over majority of blogs around the world, and gives platforms and APIs in which programmers should be able to run nearly any software on almost any computing device. So, entry of Google with this device would be very very exciting for us, the users; And very very dangerous for rival companies. So, should we expect an exciting and marvelous child-birth (sorry device-birth ;) ) from Google?

Some other sources stated that Google has been experimenting in protected-secret-and-low-hyped mode with a few content publishers to explore the possibility of delivering ebooks, emagazines and other content on a tablet. Some of my friends also told that it might also try to bag Kindle project too from Amazon, partially, even if it is not fully.
Read more about Google-Apple rivalry at

Cumon, it true that there is no proof of this deal. Just one of the gossips circulating from Silicon Valley. But we have seen such gossips turning into reality many many times.
This would again prove the so called Apple and Google technological rivalry. Also see
This new device, after ipad2, Galaxy S2, and Nexus devices, would take Google to the next level of Tablet market and thus creating a totally new “Anti iPad device”. Because who the hell will then care for iPad when it comes with heay price tag, selling problems (see Apple showroom got shutdown and stones pelted reports), Anti-flsh system (God knows why Flash is considered ‘heavy’ for Apple devices, and limited accessibility.

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