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Friday, January 20, 2012

Hacker's Only Satellite: h-Internet Birth

Post from Internet Censorship Voyager Blog.

HOS: Hacker’s Only Satellite and Internet Censorship
A new scheme was described at the Chaos Communication Congress in Berlin. And this discussion brings a new threat : What if Computer hackers plan and take the internet out of bounds of any censors.; What if the put their own communication satellites into orbit. Vohooooo!!!

It has been reported by several sources that the hacker activist Nick Farr has called people to contribute to this project. According to him and a lot of Censorship anti-preachers believe that the increasing threat of internet censorship has triggered this project.

A new law (Obviously a pseudo and a dreamt of law, not even in its nascent state ;) ) Stop Online Piracy Act (Sopa) has been proposed in US as an example of the kind of threat facing online freedom. If passed, the act would allow for some sites to be blocked on copyright grounds.

Now question comes of getting their own satellite revolving around earth. So that has already technically been possible. Thanks to scientists like Newton and his gravity equations, we know of escape velocity and orbital velocity etc. Jokes apart, as a matter of fact space missions have been started my nations only. But today many amateurs and hobbyists have launched objects into the space.

(God this is the same space once Yuri Gagrin travelled. Some big man come up…donate me too..i also wanna explore outer space…obviously before I am finally being produced to God!!)

Moving further, the Berlin conference was the latest meeting held by the Chaos Computer Club. This club has been very influential not only for those interested in exploiting or improving computer security, but also for people who enjoy tinkering with hardware and software. It’s a great dream but if these satellites are really made to work together in a global network, will form another Internet.

Let me cut the story here to pinpoint that presently apart from thousands intranet and small LAN, WAN etc, the biggest computer network is what we regularly use. This is called the Internet. But if some other type of privately owned hacker’s internet grows (Let’s call the h-Internet at this time….because Hacker’s Internet), then no government etc can ever control anything. Because once data are transferred on routers and switches and wires, there is no Superman who can go and change those data being transmitted as 00010100101011010101010…form.
This will technically be not a free service, nor even so cheap as the Internet today. But seriously who cares?

Mr. Narr thumbs up. Explore more. My blog is with you.
And who knows someday I also use your internet (remember h-Internet!!!)

And you sir, my readers, now before going to some other articles or switching to other website, send some 0100010101010101… bytes to Google Adserver, by clicking on some Advertisement links. ;)

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