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Tuesday, June 30, 2020

aws_key_gen login for getting AWS Keys locally on command line

If you or your team is working with AWS, you might know how important it is to get the keys while dev or debugging the code.

Command is:
$ ~/ECPCP/aws_key_gen login

It will then promt you to enter your login credentials into corporate account:
Enter your password for MAJFTECH\mfaiz:

Duo two-factor login for MAJFTECH\mfaiz

Then it will ask you to select the method for verification:

For eg. Enter a passcode or select from one of the following options:

1. Duo Push to Android (+XX XXXXX X8847)
2. Phone Call to Android (+XX XXXXX X8847)
3. Duo Push to Android (+XX XXXXX X7658)
4. Phone Call to Android (+XX XXXXX X7658)

Passcode or option (1-4): 4
Dialing +XX XXXXX X7658...
Answered. Press any key on your phone to log in.
Success. Logging you in...

Then it will ask you to choose one of the many AWS accounts that your organization might be using:

Eg. Available AWS Accounts
  [ 1] majf-product--integration-test (12344567)
  [ 2] w3lc-test (123444567)
  [ 3] w3lc-techp-test (162344567)
  [ 4] majftech-lab (982344567)

Please choose an AWS Account: 3

Then it asks you to chosse the role :
Available AWS IAM Roles in w3lc-techp-test (162344567)
  [ 1] ReadOnly (arn:aws:iam:: 162344567:role/ReadOnly)
  [ 2] User (arn:aws:iam:: 162344567:role/User)
Please choose an AWS IAM Role: 2

Finally you get the keys as follows:
Generated new temporary access keys
Role:        arn:aws:iam::132343860784:role/User
Expiration:  Tue Jun 30 08:24:55 UTC 2020 (1 hour from now)

Cheers :)

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