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Thursday, November 14, 2019

How to show full working directory in mac terminal on every command

Problem description:
You can obviously use a pwd command to see the present working directory. For eg:

prompt$ pwd

But sometimes you want to show the full directory path every time. Its a common ask for eg:
/Users/mfaiz/myDir$ pwd

Or, better still you want the directory path to be displayed on top before each command. All such issues can be handled using your bash profile file:

vi ~/.bash_profile

You can add this line -
export PS1='\u@\H:\w$'

or, if you like having a space between the $ and the command, then - 
export PS1='\u@\H:\w$ '

Shown following are two more complex examples that include coloring as well:

Command used to achieve this is:


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