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Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Remote debugging using IntelliJ IDE

Here you'll see how to create and manage a configuration to remotely debug your launched Alfresco project that's waiting for a connection. This assumes you have an IntelliJ IDEA IDE up and running, and have already imported the same project you are going to debug.

For more details on how import an Alfresco project into your IntelliJ IDEA IDE, see Setting up your development environment using Intellij IDEA

Open the IntelliJ IDEA IDE and click on Run Configurations (top right).

Click on the green plus (top left) and select Remote to add a new configuration for a remote app.
Enter a name for your configuration, for example, "My-remote-debug"

Apply some settings eg. Change the port number eg. to 8000.
Check that your settings match the screenshot.
Click OK.

Now when you debug, You will be taken back to the project source code.
To start debugging Click on the bug (debug) icon and select the new configuration My-remote-debug to run it.

The project starts running and generating all the log messages of a regular launch in the terminal window. Open your browser and type http://localhost:8080/hello

Voila!! IntelliJ IDEA will intercept the execution at the breakpoint:

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