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Thursday, November 23, 2017

How can I open a cmd window in a specific location on Windows


This hack will help you in many ways. And, shall help you many ways too!
This is a part of my initiative to post simple tricks aimed to Help/ease a QA Day to day life. These Tech Hacks are very handy but increase your efficiency much.

So, for our case today - How can I open a cmd window in a specific location on Windows; I provide two methods:

Trick 1:

If the folder is opened.
Click on address bar, alternatively press Alt+D
Now when address bar is highlighted, type cmd in the bar.
Press Enter key
You will notice that command prompt from that folder

Trick 2:

In the folder. Press Shift and then Right Click

A option appears -> Open Command Window here.

Press that. It will open a command window with present working directory as the selected hotel


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