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Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Delete Cache & Cookies for specific website in Non-IE Browsers like Chrome and Firefox

At times, we may feel the need to delete or clear the Cache & Cookies for a specific website only – and not the entire Browsing History – especially if you face errors like 400 Error or Server / inaccessible errors.  Sometimes, for a .Net type of application, you also get errors like the constructor to deserialize an object of type 'Autofac.Core.DependencyResolutionException' was not found.

In all such cases, you have already seen how to Clear Internet Cache & Cookies for a particular domain in Internet Explorer. Now let us see how to do it in Chrome and Firefox browsers.

Normally, we simply the entire Cookie cache of that browser. This will mean that, when you exercise this option, you will be clearing all the Cookies. But if you don’t to do this, you will have to clear the Cookie for that particular domain only.

Clear Cache & Cookies for specific website in Chrome

Open your Google Chrome browser and then open its Settings. Click on Show advanced settings and the scroll down till you see Privacy.

Now click on the Content settings button. You will see a new panel pop-up with settings for Cookies right on the top. In newer versions, scroll down some bit and you will see this screen.

Search here for the website whose cookies you want to neutralize. Click on the All cookies and site data button to open the following panel.

Delete Cache & Cookies for specific domain in Firefox

Open your Mozilla Firefox web browser and then open its Options. Select Privacy next. Here under History, you will see ‘You may want to clear your recent history or remove individual cookies‘. Click on the ‘remove individual cookies‘ link to open the following panel.

Search for the domain, select the Cookies you want to delete and then remove those Cookies.

You can also use CookieSpy a freeware that lets you manage Cookies of all Browsers in one place. Use it to delete Cookies from a particular domain.