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Friday, July 8, 2011

Google chrome wrong message for network diagnostic

If your internet connection is not available or lost, and you try to open some website over the internet using Google Chrome, you get an Error. Absolutely, there is no problem untill now. But Google advises you a method to verify and check the problem. Now if that resolution is wrong, there is a problem. And if the wrong resolution is given by Google, it is a big problem.

The same issue is also posted in Google Chrome Help forums at Click to See this in Google Forum
See the picture for instance: (Click on picture to view it large)

Google says to go to %windir%, which simply means the windows installation folder. On my system it comes out to be C:\windows
After this it says, to launch network diagnostic\xpnetdiag.exe. Now there is no file as such at said location.

Actually there are two problems:

1) If you type what is advised by google on the Start->Run.
%windir%/network diagnostic\xpnetdiag.exe
Then there is a error saying, there is no folder c:\windows/network. Actually the path should be in double quotes. The people proficient in computer systems and troubleshooting would even know this beforehand. But I dont know why Google believes that even general people would know of this.

2) On my system, XP SP3, there was no folder named network diagnostic at all in C:\windows. So that means even if I used double quotes in the path, I got know resolution.

My personal gut feeling is that, Google sould not advise those methods which are not generic. Also, the advises should be easy to understand by the common masses. I guess, my voice being heard.


  1. slash after the percent sign should be a back slash. check first before you complain

  2. correct comment. but problem still same as poted by blogger. can u comment how to go bout dat...

  3. Thanks both of the Anonymous reviewers !!
    Your review would be helpful on few others articles too.
    Take care :)

    PS: The problem still persists in chrome!!

  4. I really enjoy simply reading all of your weblogs. Simply wanted to inform you that you have people like me who appreciate your work. Definitely a great post. Hats off to you! The information that you have provided is very helpful.

  5. Thankyou Amran for your nice words. Appreciated!
    Wish these articles help you and others.