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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Facebook Application Icebreaker by Mohd Anwar Faiz. Do we actually need an Icebreaker Tool? [motivate suggest friends to talk and spread love]

To give a background, Icebreaker is a Facebook Application. IceBreaker is the cute way to spread love and friendship by motivating communication between your friends!!

You ca use the *IceBreaker App* to request your Friend 1 and Friend2 to 'Break the Ice' and Talk with each other. Both of your friends will be informed about your kind gesture on their Facebook Wall. Literally, the phrase 'Break the Ice' means to break down social or emotional stiffness and start talking.

You can visit Icebreaker App on Facebook.Icebreaker App on Facebook. This link may require you to be logged into your Facebbok account. This Application is envisioned, designed, and authored by Mohd Anwar Jamal Faiz. No need to mention, its Me. Cheers ;)

Icebreaker Application is hosted on meonshow servers, as this is a product from the owners of Meonshow. To visit directly the Icebreaker page on Meonshow servers Click hereThis will ask to login through your facebook credentials, if you are not logged in yet.

Now coming back to the question Do we actually need an Icebreaker Tool... I guess this is as trivial question as to ask do we really need to be good. Or keeping it simple, do we really need to advise our friends to talk. I guess, it is an absolute yes. We need to tell our friends that they have not been talking to each other for long. The causes may vary from job, work pressures, family issues, or it can even be as small as forgetting. Whatever be the cause, your request of talking among themselves will be a boost, a reminder to them. This will mature your relations with your friends and also they would start sharing thoughts with each other. Afterall, this is what is life. And this is what Facebook stands for.

You can view this discussion at the official Icebreaker Application discussions page too. Click Here for Icebreaker facebook Discussions Page


  1. Simple effective tool. Icebreaker should become part of Facebook.

  2. Wow tool.
    I used this in my schhool. ma cuties luvvd this.