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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Making your System available with a Domain like name in Network

The key lies in installing IIS over your machine. This makes you machine a server. While working for Adobe System I owned eight Systems ( Three of them were Mac machines. Beautiful!!!) One of the machine has to be made a dedicated system to host our Bulls Eye Coverage reports (On this some other time!!) So I chose the system name to be cportal. The task was to make this available when any connected system on LAN typed ‘cportal’ over their browser. (@My Friend Anil Berry: Hey! It was not a Red File Secret Code. It was just that I never had time and many times forgot to tell you about this. Sorry for being so late, but now having posted this, I guess your problem would go fixed!!!)

The steps are pretty much simple.
Give machine a name eg cportal. Make it available on your domain. Test by ping cportal from other computer. Accessing it on local area network
In network&internet homegroup
Change advanced sharing settings. Select domain tab arrow key
Turn on network discovery :ON
Turn On FILE and printer sharing :ONPublic Folder sharing : ON
Now from other computer just writing
http://cportal your IIS page opens up.

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