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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Logical Partition of Hard Disk/Drive without any additional Softwares

It often comes that you wish to use one partition to install the operating system and critical apps and another for your data files, which will simplify backup tasks. Or, you may just want to have your personal files stored in a separate looking disk. For this you have to do a partioning. There are basically three modes to do that. Third is simple, you have to use some Third party Application to do that. A simple Google search will reveal hundreds of such tools easily downloadable. (Understand the risks involved). In addition, there are two simple ways to get your job done.

Partitioning while Installation of Windows:

At time of Windows Installation process, you may Format and create the partitions. This is the most used, relevant and usual way to go about.

Partitioning when OS already Installed (particularly Windows):

To set up a new or existing drive in Windows Operating System, you have to use a trick. Go to Start, Settings, Control Panel, and click Administrative Tools, Computer Management, Storage, Disk Management. Your drive will appear. You will see new drives as unformatted space. Partition this space by right-clicking in the unformatted area and selecting New Partition. Then right-click in the partition and choose New Logical Drive.

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