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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Mohd Anwar Jamal Faiz meets Ankit Fadia at Adobe QE Summit 2010

Many have asked me (rather requested) to share some hacking tips. For that matter, one thing is to always keep in mind that nothing is not-hackable and no trick is always a sure-hack. The tricks are merely a tweak until user/administrator or the product supplier do not correct them. And when they correct them, there is yet another trick germinating in some mind at some corner of planet. So this is an endless Cycle. This idea of mine which germinated years back got more nourishment on 16th July 2010 at Adobe QE Summit 2010.

I happened to meet Ankit Fadia.

The guy is just genious, no doubt. And his introductory speech that talked about how much prone we are to the hacking and stuff was so very humorous and informative. His sarcasm and his knowledge in his domain is excellent. I could not resist and had a autograph from him on which he inscribe “Happy Hacking Anwar”. It was a memorable experience actually more of becoz you are meeting with a guy who is as young as you and who has a long list of achievements enuff to surpass even a simple NASA chief ( Yes I would call him ‘a simple’)
You can know more about him at Ankit Fadia Official Website or can surely dig him at the Wikipedia

Many, I don’t know why, have started saying that I am inspired by him. I should not say, but I must say, that I do not say what I want to say. And what I want to say is that truly, I wanted to become one like him. But who cares! There are many more paths left where u can manifest your path-breaking stunts.
I attended two of his lectures one on basic computer security and other in detail on tools and analysis of network security. It was nice experience, though many of tricks and tools he talked about was known to me. In particular when you are working as an API and Security Tester in the WhiteBox Team of a Product Company as big as Adobe itself, the you yourself are into the same boots of hacker. Because ethical hacking (incidentally again the term coined by Ankit Fadia) becomes your bread and butter.

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