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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Emac from Unix to Mac.

The command emac can be used to play some games or some refreshing exercise once you get bored through your usual routine job. I do not know about its history but can be surely searched at Wikipedia. But today I will tell about some tricks with emac.

1) One trick is pressing control+option+command+8.

Another one is going to terminal then typing "emacs", then press "esc" and then "x", then type "doctor" or "tetris" or “life”. The effects are that ‘Tetris’ would pop up the classic ‘tetris’ game, ‘life’ shows the cell division process.

2) If you are a little bit bored, you can try M-x hanoi. If you are considerably bored, give it a numeric argument. If you are extremely bored, then try an argument of 9. Sit back and watch the Hanoi Towers been created.

3) If you want self involvement, try M-x gomoku, which plays the game Go Moku with you.

4) M-x dunnet runs an adventure-style exploration game, which is a bigger sort of puzzle.

5) As told, M-x tetris runs an implementation of the well-known Tetris game. What was not told is that, M-x snake provides an implementation of the famous Snake game.

6) When you are frustrated, try the famous Eliza program. Just do M-x doctor. End each input by typing RET twice.

7) When you are feeling strange, type M-x yow.

8) The command M-x zone plays games with the display when Emacs is idle.
So in this way you can counter react to the boredom at work if it occurs on Unix or Mac platform. One’s who are in luck to always deal with black screen of traditional Unix based system would really know what I mean when I speak of boredom ;)

And yes, do not forget ending with emcs—ctrl+q then ctrl+c .

So, Happy Emac-ing (I prefer calling e-mack-ing)

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