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Saturday, January 14, 2023

Few Jokes on Unix Operating System and its functionalities *

I remember i wrote a joke on UNIX users a few years back in one of the blog. I was also sharing this with my colleagues in different offices i worked in. Few friends back there in Adobe system and Symantec used to love these kind of jokes. So i thought few more jokes that i have invented (or discovered or written ☺) since then.

The first one is:

Question - Why did the man using UNIX spend all day at the terminal?

Answer - Because he couldn't figure out how to use the "vi" command to exit!

This was a joke because of similar sound of bye and vi especially in some parts of the world.

Question - Why did the man using UNIX always wear sunglasses?

Answer - Because he was always 'ls'-ing in the sun!

Now this used the similarity between the word 'lying' and 'lsing'

Question - Why did the UNIX user wear a tie to the beach?

Answer - Because he wanted to be "root" in the office and "user" at the beach.

Question  - Why did the UNIX user put his computer in the freezer?

Answer - Because he wanted to "cool down" his "system".

Question  - Why did the UNIX user stare at the black screen for hours?

Answer - Because he was trying to "cat" the manual!

Please note that these are just jokes and should not be taken seriously. Unix users are just like any other group of people and should not be stereotyped or discriminated against based on their profession or preferences.

PS: The first of my such joke appeared here in 2013 -

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