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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Image/Photo Editor for Samsung Bada OS

Bada, meaning "ocean" or "sea" in Korean, an operating system for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet computers. Owned and developed by Samsung Electronics. Samsung is possibly considering releasing the source code under an open-source license. This may increase its usage.

Till now all Bada-powered devices are branded under the Wave name. Readers please do make a note of another fact also that Samsung's Android-powered devices are branded under the name Galaxy. ( Worth to mention, I use Samsung Galaxy Note and I just love it!! I have used Nokia E Series and Blackberry, but this Galaxy note is just superb. )

It has been found that Image editors are a big problem with Bada OS phones. Seems like it is not actually bundled with the package. There is actually a project called "IMAGEEDITOR" in Samsung Bada developers forum. See Samsung Image Editor Project. But it is not yet complete.

So, here comes the list of some softwares you can use at this time:

A. Franklin's Instant Photo Effects 2.0
Size:82.2 MB | License:Trial version
This software is  the fastest and easiest way to apply some nice effects to your photos.

B. Amazing Photo Editor 7.9.2
Size:2.7 MB | License:Trial version
A powerful and easy-to-use image editor used for image processing. Offers 33 different effects.

C. Photo Editor Software 3.32
Size:983.46Kb | License:Freeware

D. ColorTorch 
Great editing with ColorTorch. It is not a full photo-editing app: it only provides a partial colorizing effect. But even so it does its job so well. UI is very easy. Size is just 0.8 MB

E. Splendid Editor
The most common and efficient image editor for Bada OS 2.0. Has over 30 photo filters and edits image upto 3.2 mega pixels.

F. You can also download free image editor from:

Please notice that I have seen the usage of these softwares. But I am not the maker of these softwares nor the quality analyst. Please download from genuine internet websites and use with your risk. Cheers!! And do write your feedback of these softwares. And hope Samsung comes with its own editor soon.

Mohd Anwar Jamal Faiz


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