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Friday, June 1, 2012

turn off (disable) pc speaker. Stop system beep noice- It annoys!

At times you may start getting that irritable beep sound out of you PC speakers. Once I was such annoyed that I literally banged on my CPU to stop it. And, you nothing happened! After all you need some software interrupts to start it, and other sort of interrupt to stop it.

Sometimes it really occurs so continuously that one would become ultra ultra resilient to even one instance of beep. And sometimes you execute some scripts and it keeps on making that irritable sound. Here is a quick way to put off this noice.

So basically I discovered two ways to do that.

GUI Method: Goto Device Manager->Non Plug and Play Drivers-->Beep. A window pops up. Click on Stop.

Commandline method:
And this is pretty smart and handy way to do that. The command used are net start beep and net stop beep.

This was pretty easy..Huh!
Read more often and traverse the entire list of posts to learn some seriously good tricks.

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