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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Check corrupt ZIP file. Integrity, CRC, and Repair too!!

This post deals with the corruption that may have creaped into your Zip (or other files like rar, doc, excel, file. During download, or due to some intentional malformation, your zip file may not work properly. You can use following tools to revisit your archived files in zip format.
These tools may prove very useful and handy during your testing process also, in case your tool is not acting in expected manner with some Zip file.

You can visit Recovery Tool Official Website
I have personally found these useful.

Recovery and Repair tools for Zip, RAR, Excel, Outlook, word etc

Tools in discussion are as follows:
1. Recovery Toolbox for Zip - an efficient remedy for damaged zip files
2. Recovery Toolbox for Outlook
3. Recovery Toolbox for RAR
4. Recovery Toolbox for PDF
5. etc etc

Check out more at the given site.

PS: There are several other companies offering such tools. You can judge which is better before buying. These are my choices though!!


  1. Hi,

    WinZip offer few methods which can be helpful when zip file get corrupt. you can find these methods from here
    If above methods doesn't help you then go with stellar phoenix zip repair, a advanced tool for zip file repair.

  2. Thanks Pavan for adding to this. Yes I find the link informative. To be specific one can see
    And as mentioned , there are many different tools too. Phoenix is also one of them. It repairs ZIP files created in WinZip 5.0 to 12.1 versions. It is a professional ZIP recovery software to extract valuable user data from corrupt or severely damaged ZIP files
    Repairs damaged ZIP files in any instance of ZIP file corruption
    Facilitates ZIP repair for large ZIP files as big as 800 MB in size
    Performs recovery for password protected ZIP files of WinZIP 5.0 to 8.0. Works on majority of Windows flavors. Possible downside: Not free, Not for files greater than size of a CD ROM approximately(700-800MB).

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