Thursday, November 3, 2011

error: 452 Error writing:file larger than ulimit set

error: 452 Error writing file: A file cannot be larger than the value set by ulimit

Once I wanted to transfer file from a MAC machine to AIX 64 bit machine. It was an archived file. But after a few seconds of transfer, an abrupt notification of File size exceed was observed. It took me a while, but when the cause was found, I smiled. It was due to a basic setting in Unix based OSes.
The error seen was “Error Writing File : A file cannot be larger than the value set by ulimit”

So here comes the trick of Changing the maximum allowed file size (ulimit)
You cannot create or copy a file that is larger than the limit allowed by ulimit. The profit achieved by this restriction is that it prevents runaway processes from taking up too much disk space.

If you have to work with a file that exceeds the set limit, you must change the default user limit size.
It may be important to note at this point of discussion that the ulimit cannot exceed the values of the SFSZLIM and HFSZLIM tunable parameters.

In addition, do also note that the changed user limit is in effect for the current session only.
1. Use the su command to become root.
2. To view your current limit in blocks, enter:
ulimit -a
3. To set your limit to the new size for the current session, enter:
ulimit [-f] new_size< You can also permanently change your file size limit by setting the new limit in the /etc/profile or the /etc/default/login file. error: 452 Error writing file: A file cannot be larger than the value set by ulimit When trying to transfer a very big file (over ftp for example), you'll receive the error above, this limit is a security limit in AIX and you can solve it by simply editing the /etc/security/limits file and increasing the "fsize" limit or simply changing it to "-1" to be unlimited, and then retry your transfer, you don't have to restart the machine for changes to take effect. This problem have occurred to many as seen over the Internet. Many have reported to see this problem for the first time when they were trying to copy Oracle installer (of size : 1238844 KB) from Windows box to AIX 5.2 box through ftp and it throwed the following The error as already pointed was --" 452 Error writing file: A file cannot be larger than the value >set by ulimit."

Many have reported that they changed the ulimit value to unlimited and then tried copying even after
that the same error was thrown.
Then they changed fsize value in /etc/security/limits file.
Then I tried copying the Oracle installer and it was successful.

It should be remembered here that the problem here is the file system on AIX is JFS (Journalled File
System) and it supports files of size <=2GB. So, if we want to have a file
of size more than 2 GB we need to change the file system to Extended
Journalled File System.

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