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Friday, December 24, 2010

Spending Vacations with Happiness

Today is December 24th, 2010, and Adobe is all set for a winter shut down. Everyone seems so excited with their plans of spending vacations in hand. Emails have already been circulated by Power Saving enthusiasts to shut the intelligent boxes down, before our physical logging off from the office. I have also done all the last minute of works and my Manager seems happier. The day also started with one presentation of mine that went well ;) and somehow I feel that it is perfect eve before a long office break. Also, in the coming year I am going to join in one my dream companies.

Just before logging off I want to share a few tips with my followers about being Happy. You know, I have discovered that even Happiness is just like an elegantly written miraculous piece of code that does all amazing stuff for you. The Brain CPU with still-not-known Ghz speed runs this piece of code to collect all the garbages in form of sadness and trash them. So here it is:

Using namepace sense;

Void main()
While(! Feeling_fresh())

Remember(“Life isn’t fair—but it still is good”);

Exercise(15 minutes);

If (you_like_working())
Clean(“Your Desk”);

MakeTarget(“Bring smile on three faces”);

Money x=new Money();“chocolates/energy drink”);
if !x.empty()

Think(“You are the best”);
Think(“Sometimes even you can be wrong”);
Act(“Ask forgiveness/Forgive someone”);

Do_not_insist_on_best();“friends/relatives”,30 minutes);
Television.Watch(30 minutes);

Remember(“You are correct- but God knows better”);

I have devised this algorithm after much thinking. And I shall try to follow this each day of my life. If anyone finds some extension or any bug please report it asap.

This New Year I am all set to change my marital status. I am bored of same "Single" tag on my FB and Orkut Ids. This year I wish I launch MeOnShow and have a great performing website portal. Also this year I plan to quit smoking to an absolute zero point. I plan to pray and I plan to be a dutiful, caring, and rich lover, son, husband, brother, friend and soul mate for everyone associated. I wish I could see happiness on face of *SO* always. Forgetting again, Wish you all a great happy New year. May this year brings joys to your lives. Keep rocking!!!

Merry XMas and Happy New year

-Anwar Jamal Faiz

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  1. am glad to c this... wish u the same and wish u all the luck...