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Thursday, July 8, 2010

How can you Free Download Google Video or YouTube streaming video

Though playing video online has become easier, yet buffering and low internet speed can spoil everyones's mood. Watching Shakira's new waka waks for the FIFA world cup 2010, I was aghast to see the speed with which it played. I tried finding out ways to download the content rightaway. Here are my findings:

1) There is an old hack as follows--
• Go to Google Video and find some video.
• View the web page source code from View->Source and search for the keyword ‘googleplayer‘
• Copy and paste the videoUrl parameter. That means all the characters after the keyword ‘videoUrl=’
• Press Ctrl-L to go to URL location bar. Type Javascript:unescape(”videoUrl”) where videoUrl should be the last parameter you have copied into the clipboard. This will execute javascript and return you unescaped text.
• The unescaped text has actual URL on the broswer, copy and paste that URL onto your browser location bar again to download the FLV movie.
• You can try playing it with a FLV Player or convert using standard converters.

2) There is yet another method. You can use many online tools. These tools directly expose the correct URL. They may even download the video content rightaway. You can use websites such as:
Incidentally, the above three websites happen to have top three results in Google search.

3) At last I must tell you the best thing that I found. There are many softwares that are Free of cost available and they work for Youtube, Google video and on many other famous video publishing and sharing websites. Fo instance:
a)Sothink Video Catcher
b)Moyea FLV Downloader

So enjoy!!!

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